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Picture of the Lake Orta


Hello there! Greetings and welcome to my shop.
I am Alice, a Free Spirit artist based in the UK since 2012.
Are you wondering about my shop name's meaning?
Akuaduulza means "sweet water" in a dialect of northern Italy and is used to describe the lake's fresh water.
As a reminder of my origins, I chose this name.
My imagination and creativity developed around the lake, which is a magical and mysterious place.

This page is where I give life to all my ideas.
It is my goal to make people express themselves through wearable art and unique items.
I love painting on canvas and fabrics.
There is no such thing as an identical pair of shoes, since they are all painted by hand.
As my business has been slowly growing, the amount of work began hard to handle as I am the only person painting. 
I have decided to explore new ways and techniques to make my art available to everybody and easier for me to produce.

I keep painting by hand on canvas shoes but, at the same time I am designing, printing, die-cutting and heat pressing my illustrations on different products, such as t-shirts, totebags, sweatshirts, etc.
Everything is done by hand in my little studio.

All of my orders will be taken care of by me with great attention to detail and care.

Thank you for visiting my website. Hope you enjoy my products!

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